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Dalian Evershine International Trade Co., Ltd  (short as “DES”) is a share-holding trading company, restructured from a state-owned enterprise called China Packaging Import & Export Dalian Company, and is the only ownership enterprise of China Foreign Trade Packaging Group in northeast of China, with over 33 years’ business history. DES is primarily engaged in importing and exporting clothings, textiles, mechanical and electrical products, bearings, packaging materials and its products, steels, food,chemicals and minerals. DES also undertakes related import and export agency business.

DES has extensive business network both at home and abroad, strong ability of business operation, a well- experienced, dedicated and professional team. Import and Export products cover more than 20 countries and regions. As the standing out foreign trade enterprise in the city of Dalian and Liaoning Province, DES shares fast customs clearance special treatment. DES has also continously been listed in top 50 of Dalian Exporting company, and the leading exporting enterprise in the field of distributon in Dalian.